SES Chicago 2006The woman in the middle typing away, yea, that is my normal position at conference, is Lisa Barone. She writes at the Bruce Clay Blog.

(1) Click on the picture to see a larger image
(2) Kim Krause is her left, playing with her laser camera … Back to Lisa (dont get me wrong, Kim rocks also)
(3) Bruce Clay is a lucky guy for having Lisa, seriously!
(4) She is an upcoming A list SEO Blogger
(5) Her session recaps simply rock (so do ours, but new blood helps)
(6) She is humble (very important)
(7) She likes Danny and Myself (I assume)
(8) She is an incredibly hard worker (I respect that)
(9) Her past blogging shows that she has a pretty strict routine (I am a strong believer of that)
(10) Consistency
(11) Continued growth in all ways
(12) Respectful

Respect is the most important thing to me. Not that she is respectful to me, that I do not care about. You can see by her mannerism that she values the people she talks to – no matter who it is. She listens, isn’t a huge talker and returns her thoughts in a humble and respectful manner.

Ok, my wife is off the phone now.

Lisa, it was nice to meet you and hope to see you often! Keep up the good work!

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  1. David Temple

    You took the words right out of my mouth. I’m a big fan so its good to read others like yourself agree that’s she’s sweet, humble and very personable. It was great to meet her in person.

  2. Judah


    Now I know you must be a true “Shadchan” since they too more often then not, have no idea whether the guy/gal they are proposing is actually looking for a mate….:) 😉

    …..sure doesn’t stop them from carrying on anyway….

    ..’nough said….;) 😉

  3. nick botulism

    I wonder where that humility went in the intervening years. There’s none evident in her twitter stream these days.

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