michael-jordan-logo.pngGrowing up, all I did was play basketball. In elementary school, after school and on weekends, we went to my friend, Scotty’s house, and played ball outside as much as we could. In fact, instead of going to camp, we went to Scotty to play ball.

During that time, Michael Jordan was an upcoming star in the NBA. He ruined the NY Knicks chances to win a championship a few times. Now, growing up in NY, liking Jordan so much, that I was a Bull fan, was not easy. All my friends called me a traitor, front-runner, etc. But I was amazed at how unbelievable he was at the game. So I ignored the criticism I received, laughing it off by the Bulls stomping on the Knicks, time and time again.

Throughout elementary school and early high-school I collected probably over a hundred Michael Jordan basketball cards. They are now sitting in individual plastic holders, somewhere in my parents home. Reminder to self, make sure to check on them…

It was sad when Jordan starting playing for the Wizards. I was not comfortable watching him play basketball outside of a red jersey. It was also sad to see him retire early, a couple times, and then come back out of shape.

In any event, I continued to play basketball throughout high-school religiously. In fact, I skipped breakfast and lunch and used all my free time in the gym. I was known as one of the “gym rats” in the school, but it was an all boys Jewish school, so I wasn’t missing anything. My high-school routine looked a bit like this, if I remember.

– Got to school
– Morning services
– Breakfast; I played basketball
– Before the first class, I grabbed an orange slice for 50 cents
– Classes with 7 minute breaks (I think 7 minutes), so I sometimes jumped in the gym, in between classes
– Lunch, I played ball and grabbed an other orange slice
– Classes
– GYM (twice a week – of course basketball)
– Went home

That was my high-school experience. Playing basketball, and watching Jordan master the game.

Now? I play three nights per week. I am much heavier. I am much slower. But I still enjoy the game. I miss the old games with Jordan in late 80’s early 90’s.

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  1. cK !

    Ahh… I was lucky to grow up in Chicago during the Jordan era. Fun fact: my good friend’s dad was the head of his security!

  2. samira

    I love basketball its not just a game its life to me my favourite players are Allen iverson and affcoarse MICHEAL JORDAN i look upto them but i dont want to be like them i want to be be my own person and im going to play in the NBA when im older cause i know where i came from and i know where im going.


    I’am a freaken big fan of Mike’s and I hope that I get to meet him one of these days if not sooner.
    I love playing basketball it’s my life.

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