As I promised, I told you I would share the gifts I got for this Chanukah. So here are some of them…

My wife got me the Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router with SpeedBooster that I hinted she should get me the other day. I set it up already, without using the CD they gave me (WIndows only). Can’t wait to use it at hotels, clients or in random places. Here is a picture from the site, no need for me to take an actual image of it.


My brother and sister-in-law bought me a Projection Alarm Clock with Weather from La Crosse. Pretty neat and the projection is a very nice feature. Plus, my wife won’t ask me what the outside temperature is, it tells us. Plus, for that question… “Is it hot in here? Well, it also tells you the inside temperature and humidity. A picture from the manufacturers web site…


Finally, my parents did not know what to get me so they went to and picked something geeky…

Chanuka 2006 - 2nd Night

Yes, it is a /dev/pillow. 🙂

My wife got some other presents, but nothing geeks would be into…

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  1. Mike Empuria

    Some very nice presents Barry. What a shame the alarm clock only has the weather in Fahrenheit. I thought I’d just found a great last minute present.

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