After we came in to Chicago, we went out with my wife’s friends for dinner. Believe it or not, there is not a single kosher restaurant in downtown Chicago. The closest place is about 30 minutes away, in the Jewish area of Chicago (around Skokie). In any event, they picked us up from the hotel and drove us back to eat out.

We took them to Shallot’s Bistro. It was really good, I was very impressed. The portion size was huge for a fancy place. The atmosphere was very nice. The service was good. Overall, I was very happy. So much so, that I want to go back again while I am here. But with the crazy schedule, going that far, just may not be possible.

So I called and asked if they deliver to downtown Chicago. To my surprise they said yes, just try to give them enough time to prepare and order a service to drop it off, so call early.

I hope to call tomorrow to get for Wednesday night in the hotel. Very excited for it.

But can someone please open a kosher pizza place in downtown Chicago? This is not San Jose, there are plenty of Jewish people in town, I would think…

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  1. James

    I agree someone should definetly open a kosher pizza place in downtown chicago and Shallot’s Bistro is a lovely restaurant I try to go as often as I can usually once a month.

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