Smiths Sentinel II Newark AirportI am currently at Newark Airport, just past through security, on my way to Chicago to get to the SES show. And they had these new detection machines, I have never been through one. The machine is named Smiths Sentinel II. They seem to be new at Newark Airport, according to the TSA person.

This is how it works.

You walk in, there is this bar that comes down in front of you, to make sure you don’t step forward (like that will stop you). There are two feet imprints, where you are suppose to stand. Then it sprays bolts of air at you, scans you in many different ways. Then it tells you, to exit forward.

There are all these cool lights and stuff around the machine and in the machine. Very cool stuff.

The Smiths Detection site explains;

The IONSCAN® SENTINEL II Contraband Detection Portal has been designed specifically to meet the challenge of screening people for trace amounts of explosives or narcotics in a timely fashion, and without coming into contact with them.

One thing for sure, it makes you feel safer.

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  1. Bruce Pollard

    I need a quotation as soon as possible. Please e-mail me as to whether you have an export license for shipping to Vietnam.


    The equipment uses X-Ray penetration technology to detect drugs concealed in passenger’s body. Brand new, produced from 2007, include:
    1. X-Ray source : Power supply 100- 180kV, regulating step: 10kV
    Anode electric current: 0,5 – 3 mA
    Electric source: 110/220, 50/60Hz
    Consumption: ≤ 3Kw
    High cooling system for operation 24hours/day
    2. Size: Total size ≤ 8m2
    3. Weight Total weight ( screening gate + control table) ≤ 1.000kg
    4. Resolution Space resolution for one subject + 1,2mm and 0,6mm
    Detect narcotic bag, each side 3mm concealed in any part of body
    Resolution contrast with each subject ≤ 3%
    5. Image display: Two display systems: Normal : 1300 x 500 to 1350 x 550
    Enhancement: 2600 x 1000 to 2700 x 1000
    6. Inspection Time Normal: ≤ 10 second/ time ≥ ≥
    Enhancement: ≤ 24 second /time
    7. Radiation Safety Inspected person: receive : ≤ 2 μSv /each time at 100-180 kV 0,5mA
    Operator: receive from 10,15 mSv/ hour to 0,25 mSv/hour
    File save system is available
    8. Computer: Pentium 4 speed 2,8 Ghz
    Ram 1024 Mb Ram
    Hard disk 80 Gb
    3.5 FDD 1,44Mb
    DVD Rom (read and rewrite )
    Fax Internal Moderm
    Network Card 10/100
    Screen LCD 17 inch
    Software functions: System Control
    Receive and analyse X Ray image
    Language : English or Vietnamese
    Save/Store image bank
    Inform number of passengers’ inspections.
    Save/Store amages
    Connecting, compatible with Customs’ equipments ( Package inspecting equipment, camera, electronic scale…)
    9. Sofware functions in the Center: Enter and process image, Adjust the contrast level, converse negative and positive proof, Measure the objects concealed , Format inmage
    10. Enlarge images ( minimum: three rates )
    11. Data base: Data of subjects (1)
    Data of images ( 2)
    Make report based on (1) and (2) , report on radioactivity degree
    Access maximum degree to programme’s functions

  2. Ashley

    I agree with you! Keep telling my pals about it. Funny how I had been just thinking about the same thing!

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