The Wall Street Journal reviewed the DVR options. Go with a TiVO or opt for the DVR from the cable company.

After reading his review, I am confident over my decision to go with the HD DVR from Cable Vision, because they only have one flaw, the UI. But the flaws discussed in his article about the Comcast DVR, well, that is some bad stuff.

It is funny, because is having a sale on . It is very expensive still, about $650 from, not including the monthly fee from TiVO of about $20 per month. Heck, all I pay from Cable Vision is $9.95/month for the DVR service, the box was free.

So what to do? That depends on you.

The Wall Street Journal says;

But, for now, the choice is tough. The Comcast high-definition DVR is a cheaper, but flawed product and the TiVo Series3 is an excellent, but overpriced one.

One feature I wish I had was the ability to program recording via the Internet. But it is not worth $700 and $20 per month.

Supposedly my new TV, , is suppose to come today, I hope so. FedEX just changed the ETA to January 2nd, but it says it is on the truck for delivery — who knows…

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  1. Chris Winfield

    I used to have Tivo through directtv in Florida and it was great. Then in subsequent moves I have had both Time Warner’s DVR and Cablevision’s – they are decent – Tivo is better. This year I switched back to Directv and had to buy their HD with DVR, two words: IT SUCKS. They got rid of Tivo and the replacement they came up with is BAD. Cablevision’s is the closest thing to the actual Tivo though..

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