So like many folks, I was lucky to get the Google Digital Picture Frame. But like many, I also had some technical difficulties.

First here is a picture of the frame working….

Google Digital Picture Frame
  1. What I did was write a piece of code using the Flickr API to pull photos I tag with a certain code off the Flickr server, down to a holder on my server.
  2. I then had to drag them over to a PC to connect the frame to something the frame will be recognized on.
  3. Then to get it to work, I had to use the Microsoft PowerToys – Image Resizer, you can download it here.
  4. Then I had to rename them so there were no spaces or funky characters in the file name.
  5. Then I had to upload it to the “Photos” fold on the digital photo frame.

Presto, pictures.

Oh, no one I know, can figure out how to remove that ugly blinking picture of a yellow battery. Removing the batteries, plugging it in, nothing gets rid of it!

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  1. chris

    we got one but we were using it yesterday and then it just went to blue screen and we cant seem to get it to work are google giving out duff gifts do they respect there customers that much any help on making the buggering thing work would be magic thanks in advance

  2. matt a-b-c

    our’s was dead too! I find it in the hardware pile every once in a while an attempt to get it to run then give up 15 minutes later

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