IMG_2772.JPGI hear that my nephews, sister’s four boys, have discovered this blog. So I wanted to say hi to Avi, Jeremy, Zachary and Aaron.

Avi is the oldest, in about a year, he will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah.

Jeremy is second line line, when he was born, I was stuck watching Avi. I decided to dress Avi in black jeans, a black thermal undershirt, black shoes and black sunglasses. I think that is how he met his first brother, dresses all in black. (I may be wrong)…

Then came Zachary. Hey Zachary! He was born in my sister’s and brother-in-law’s new house. I didn’t have the privilege of dressing him to meet his youngest brother (to come soon). But I think I did my share of watching over him, I remember too many times where he wouldn’t go to sleep when I was responsible for watching him.

Finally, there is Aaron, the youngest. He gets away with a lot, being the youngest. But don’t all babies in the family get away with stuff? I am told I did, and I am the youngest in my family.

Welcome to the blog guys!

This post is approved by their dad.

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  1. big daddy

    why dont u tell the world about your first time changing a diaper and repainting our walls.

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