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Forget About the Search Engine Roundtable Seals?

Badges and seals seem to be the big thing again. I was wondering if you guys forgot that I offer Search Engine Roundtable Seals? I have not received a request in a really long time, maybe a month or so, for a seal. So here is a reminder… Sad, but true… I forgot about them


I Hate Jazz Music

I was looking for something not so computer related to write about and up came Jazz on my iTunes. I quickly clicked the forward button. In fact, I have a filter on my iTunes playlists that does its best to remove any Jazz song from my list. I honestly do not know what I hate

Just Interesting

Google Revenue Rise: Stock Falls 3%

I love Wall Street. As Danny reports; Google Reports Revenues Up 19 Percent From Previous Quarter. Revenues – Google reported revenues of $3.21 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2006, representing a 67% increase over fourth quarter 2005 revenues of $1.92 billion and a 19% increase over third quarter 2006 revenues of $2.69 billion.

SEO Tips

Which FeedBurner FeedFlares Do I Have Set Up

Monday, I told you who I ping via the Search Engine Roundtable, when I update my blog entries. Today, I figured I share a bit more, by telling you which FeedFlares I opt to use via FeedBurner on my feeds. First, was is FeedBurner? FeedBurner is the company I use to manage the RSS feeds


My New Mouse Rocks – The Logitech VX

For a while I have been using the Apple Mighty Mouse, but it was working against me. After a few months of use, I had to constantly (several times a day) clean the little scroll ball, because it got dirty and would scroll. So I gave up on the cool looking, simplistic mouse for a

Daily Search Coverage

Y! Site Explorer Update, AdWords, adCenter, Google Local, Mini Update, Sullivan, Seminars & Orkut

Today I covered that Yahoo! updated their site explorers tool with badges and URL delete. AdWords may add a more detailed budget analysis report. Microsoft adCenter has been caught sending more traffic. Danny spent some time in Google’s Kirkland office. Orkut is testing SMS for Brazilian users. Google updated their local results on Google Search.

Just Interesting

Guy Proposes To Girl Via Apple Dashboard Widget

I thought I was a geek by proposing via Ask Jeeves, but this guy totally geeked me out! On a Mac, if you press the F12 key, it opens up Dashboard. He somehow got onto his girlfriend’s Mac, and customized the dashboard to look like this: I guess this is a similar concept. I sat