We woke up very early this morning, but went to sleep very early last night — time zone thing takes time to get used to, as you can image… We had a nice breakfast buffet – something I was looking forward to, since I normally cannot appreciate that in the States (i.e. Kosher).

We then walked to town again, and bought presents for all our nieces and nephews. I wanted to get these bouncing, ceiling, penguins, but my wife stopped me… We did also buy my nephew Naot leather clogs, looks like this, he asked for them…

We then went back to the hotel and then went off to meet my wife’s best friend some where for lunch. I think it was called Cafit. Her friend is in medical school, in Haifa – she came down to visit us, very nice of her.

On the way to the lunch place, we passed this sign, which I thought was funny.

Danger of Death - Israel Sign

Yes, it says, “Danger of Death”, full size image here.

After lunch, the three of us met my brother in Geula, where we bought some art for our home, at a small store in Geula. We bought two pieces – all I have to say is, thank you Viv! I am not good at, “Do you like this?”

We then went up to the place my brother now teaches, and the place I spent half my school year in Israel at. After that, we said goodbye to Yisha’s friend, she got on a bus back to Haifa. I showed my wife around Geula a bit more and then we went back to the hotel.

Soon we go out with my best friend, who also lives in Israel. Dinner with his wife, (possibly his kids), and us.

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