So we decided to walk back to the hotel the long way… We went back through the old city, through Jaffa Gate, then up through Ben Yehuda street, then a left on King George street.

Besides for the good exercise…

We met a woman on King George who told us that she locked her keys in her car and needs to pay a locksmith to open it up. She said she can’t get her money, because she cant get into her house. She said she was being a 100% honest.

I replied, I don’t believe you and walked away.

When that happens, you call a cop or you tell the locksmith you will pay him when he opens the car, so you can get your money.

This woman was obviously preying on tourists… such a same to see. No pics taken of these events. 🙂

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  1. James

    Glad to see this doesn’t just happen in South Africa. At one point (a couple of years ago) this was quite common.

    I’m a sucker for sob-stories, so I got caught twice, by the SAME GUY!!! Says he was in a band and had run out of money for petrol (gas?) and was late for a concert…

    Oh well… That’s life.

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