So my wife and I decided to go to Mini Israel today. It is basically a mini golf course, but a miniature sized Israel. If you come to Israel and don’t have time to see much, go there, and you can see everything. It is amazing how real everything looks. For example…

Yesterday we went to Tel Aviv and I saw a nice looking building by the water named Opera Tower. I took a picture… Then at Mini Israel, we saw the same tower in the Tel Aviv section. Take a look…

real.jpg fake.jpg

The one on the left is obviously real.

In any event, I will be taking a picture of the kotel, from this view, so you can see the difference from the same view…. hopefully I’ll do this Sunday…

Kotel - Mini Israel

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  1. ian goldstein

    hey, if you were looking for mini golf in israel and lost your way at mini israel.
    Next time when you are up north the galilee that is pop into kibbutz farod and visit mini golf farod. a true and proper mini golf course in israel par 3 or 4 for each hole
    good luck

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