Logitech VX - My MouseFor a while I have been using the Apple Mighty Mouse, but it was working against me. After a few months of use, I had to constantly (several times a day) clean the little scroll ball, because it got dirty and would scroll. So I gave up on the cool looking, simplistic mouse for a more functional and sturdy one.

I bought the Logitech VX Revolution and after owning it for a couple months, I can say, I love it. Of course, like any new mouse, it took a couple weeks to get used to. But the features and durability rocks.

I am able to configure the dozens of buttons on this mouse on a per application basis. I actually just set them all to do the same thing for all applications. My most favorite features outside of the scroll wheel working are:

  • Side buttons that allow me to use it to go forward or back in my browser – huge time saver
  • Find button that I programmed to bring up dashboard
  • Pressing the scroll wheel, does Expose on my Mac
  • Left and right scrolling is neat in Photoshop
  • Zoom buttons are nice
  • Wireless is nice, no cords to trip over

I use a mouse all day, and for it to work against me and not with me was no longer an option. I am very happy I made the switch. This is a great mouse, I highly recommend it. Also check out the MX, if you are very feature happy.

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  1. Hawaii SEO

    I need to get one. This is the second review that I’ve read where the new owner was blown away by the thing. I just need to sneak it in the house somehow or the wife freak out at the price tag.

  2. Tamar Weinberg

    I had a Logitech MX1000 which never worked correctly (no accuracy) and I finally had the desire to contact Logitech for support. They told me that they’ll send me a replacement but that the MX1000 was no longer being made. I scored myself a MX Revolution (and I still have the broken MX1000 — they told me they didn’t want it back … now only if I could fix it).

    I’m more of a laptop (touchpad) user than a desktop user, so I actually haven’t quite used the mouse heavily, but the reviews are positive and my initial impressions are also good. The only downside I notice is that I use a KVM switch for my multiple desktops (besides the laptops I own). The MX Revolution (and probably the VX as well) is not compatible with my KVM switch. The MX1000 was. I’m assuming it’s because of that wireless USB plugin thingy.

  3. Alex

    I used Logitech MX1000 before my MX Revolution and I can only agree with you Barry: it´s a great time saving mouse!
    even for 100€ in local computer store what i paid for it when it comes out…
    just buy it 😉 you will love it

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