So as you know, my wife and I are on our way to Israel for our Honeymoon and that means we need to take a huge jet to get to Israel. We booked with EL AL a while back. We are on the double decker, 747. Here is a picture of the plane from the terminal window…

El Al Plane - Prior To Departure

Now, I have taken the 747 before. Once, when I was about 18 years old, I was flying home from Israel. When checking in, I asked the person at the counter, issuing tickets, if we (my brother and I) can have good seats. She said sure.

To my surprise, when boarding, they sent me upstairs, to business class.

Now that is the way to fly for a 10 plus hour trip.

This trip, we have normal tickets, did not get upgraded. But as of now, the seat next to us (3 in our aisle row) is open, so we are hoping for that to be open. If not, not.

Anyway, next post will likely come when we land in Israel.

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