ChicagoBears_100.pngTalking about a die hard Chicago Bears fan. Woman offers pregnant belly as ad space for Super Bowl tickets tells the story of a devoted Chicago Bears fan that wants tickets so bad to the Super Bowl that she is willing to sell her pregnant belly’s ad space to get a pair of tickets.

Jennifer Gordon “self-professed “die hard” Chicago Bears fan is offering up her nearly nine-months pregnant belly space for advertisers to paint. She’ll showcase it at the Feb. 4 Super Bowl, when the Bears play the Indianapolis Colts in Miami.”

Her Craigslist ad reads:

I will agree to have your message painted on my belly visible to Super Bowl attendees and the millions of fans around the world who watch

This kid better be a sports fan, if not, he/she will have a sad life. I think the idea is cool – but I doubt my wife would ever do that. 😉

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