My wife and I decided to visit Yad Vashem our last day in Israel. Yad Vashem is one of the most famous Holocaust museums in the world. I last visited Yad Vashem probably about 8 years ago. They have totally renovated the place.

There is not much I can say about Yad Vashem. It is an amazing place and it is horrific to see and hear the stories.

Afterwards, we said farewell to the Kotel, I prayed afternoon services there. They were inducting new Israeli soldiers into the army there, well, they were prepping for the ceremony. We then walked to Geula, said goodbye to my brother who works in that area and then back to the hotel for dinner and packing.

Next stop, Ben Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv), to New York. I should be back, nice and jet lagged, tomorrow morning.

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  1. Lee Odden

    Hi Barry, thank you for posting about your trip. It was really interesting. I wish you and Yisha safe travels back to the states.

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