Daily Search Coverage

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Big news today was that Yahoo! released a meta tag to exclude the Yahoo! Directory title and descriptions from showing in the search results. With that, Yahoo! is doing a search update. Google is now accepting Canadian AdWords Professionals companies. Search engines don’t have to run your stinking ads! Does Google reinclusion work? Paused AdWords


FeedBurner Sending Readers To Home Page

This is an interesting bug, a reader told me that my feed URLs are being redirected to my home page. So http://feeds.seroundtable.com/~r/SearchEngineRoundtable1/~3/97339342/012542.html is not taking you to http://www.seroundtable.com/archives/012542.html like it should. It is taking you to http://www.seroundtable.com/. I tested this on both my feeds and both are the same. I then tested Danny’s feed via

Daily Search Coverage

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YahooSarah introduced YahooPete to the search marketing forums. Cre8asite Forums launched an SMO forum with new moderator Li Evans. Google is testing some special video AdSense units. Google said they will show advertisers what sites are displaying their ads. Advertisers began speaking up on the new AdWords quality score. I explained how to report some

Daily Grind

American Express Is Using Me

I have had an American Express business card for ages. I recently upgraded to the platinum business card to reap some better rewards. But I think American Express is getting the upper hand. I know people who really know how to use those rewards. They get free flights, upgrades, extra perks, etc. I get nothing.

Daily Search Coverage

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Finalized the Search Engine Roundtable design over the weekend. Is Google Apps asking for it? YouTube has been spotted in the second result for shoe. Microsoft refunded adCenter advertisers. Google AdWords Editor 3.0 is now live. Google Maps stickers are only for UK businesses. NASA is providing more Google Earth KMLs. Google Videos spotted in

Just Weird

MacBook Pro Gets Shot But Still Working

Via Digg, over 2,200 Diggs at this point, a MacBook Pro got shot but it still works. The picture was originally hosted at Flickr but it seems to have been deleted. I suspect due to all the traffic that photo received from Digg. Wired posted a copy of the picture, which I then posted here.