This morning, I explained that I had to take my wife’s car to work because my car was stuck in the snow. I decided to head home early, work from home and try to get my car out.

I shoveled out the back of the car (the car is rear wheel drive). Scrapped the ice from under the wheels and began the cycle of going in reverse.

It didn’t go out, so I rocked back and forth. As I did that, the car began shifting horizontally again.

My Car Stuck in Snow

As you can see from the image, the right side of the car, is once again, stuck in the snow.

I think I will wait it out another day and take my wife’s car to work again.

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  1. Judah

    all that money on the flashy car and you can’t even get the #$%^&*$#@! thing out of the snow…

    just goes to show you…your better off with a tried and true jalopy that drives like a tank…no worries no hassle….

    so you don’t have a friggen surveilance system and navigation system in place that senses every time you have to sneeze or worse…..

    at least you can get from point a to point b….

    I say..ditch the car!

  2. Leon Schwartz

    Love my Camry!
    Front wheel drive rocks.
    All wheel drive better.
    Rear wheel drive gives you all that power you can’t use under normal driving conditions…..

  3. Judah

    Hey Wife,

    Didn’t Barry just mention earlier that he actually got the Jeep for you….

    So how exactly does that make him lucky…….;) 😉

    Oh I forgot…surely, cuz you actually let him drive it for a that he could get to work and make some money for the next Jeep…..;) 😉 😉

    ..’tis amazing how us men seem to always find ourselves in the same “boat”…er Jeep……

  4. Ben

    I would just like to point out that driving is pretty immoral. You should consider cycling or taking public transit.

  5. Horace Sezass

    Shovel the snow away from the back tires of the car, until the way is clear. Chip away any big mounds of ice that might prevent a smooth exit.
    Throw some friggin’ cat litter or sand under the back tires and a leave trail of sand about four feet back behind the car. Maybe shove some heavy stuff in the trunk too, like a few bags of sand. It may shift so make sure it won’t damage anything. Avoid spinning the wheels. Spinning the tires only creates heat, which will sink the tires into the ice further.
    Drive forward slightly, then reverse and give it steady, even gentle throttle, gradually accelerating slightly but don’t let the tires spin. Keep the rearward momentum going until you are free. Make sure your front wheels are kept straight ahead, not turned.

  6. Horace Sezass

    By the way, Ben, driving a car is not immoral. Screwing your first cousin on the dinner table to the beat of the karaoke machine belting out “My Sharona” at your Minister’s wedding is immoral, but then, everyone has different standards. Volcanos, forest fires, and animals pooping in the woods must be obscene to you. Get out more. And for Pete’s sake, take the rubber batman wings off and remove the woman’s underwear from your head.

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