apple-addressbook.jpgThis sucks, I downloaded a program named Email Merge X, ran a CSV import into it, and then sent out a bulk mailing and the next thing I knew, my whole address book was deleted.

So I then tried to restore it via my Palm Treo but there was no option to write from Treo to Computer. I can choose only Computer to Treo or synchronize. I selected synchronize and bam, all the addresses on my Treo were gone also.

Very upsetting.

I have a complete mirror back up of my hard drive from Tuesday night. So I hope to be able to restore from that. I will drag the contents of the Library/Application Support/AddressBook/ files into the current one I have on my hard drive. If I mess this up, then I will be very upset.

Wish me luck! I guess that will teach me, never use these types of programs again.

Update: And I am back… I was freakin out so went home early to restore the file. Took me a minute and I am back to where I was. So happy.

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