imny0207.jpgLast night I attended my first Internet Marketers of New York. Greg Niland aka GoodROI is our leader over there, but Frank Watson aka AussieWebmaster sat in the center chair (and rightly so).

The 18 of us went to Abigaels on Broadway. My second time there, it is a nice kosher place, a steak house – and I think it was OK. I appreciate going kosher this time – thanks Greg!

I missed the first two meetings. Honestly, the first one I totally forgot about. The second one, I was in Israel for. But the third one, I made and happy I did so. For the first 90 minutes, a bunch of us sat at a table and drank beer – well, I didn’t, I was the only one who drove to the event. But the rest continued to constantly drink beer – at one point the place ran out of cold beers but they recovered quickly. We ordered steaks and chicken and the rest of the stuff. I got some of the kosher jokes – why don’t they serve this or that. All in good humor.

Let me give you the before and after…

Before I left, my wife asked me if I am going to shave. I said no, it is an informal meeting of just people who have similar interests. So I went off to the event looking like a wolf. Not sure if that insulted anyone. 🙂

When I got back, my wife asked me:

Wife: So what is this thing.
Me: I told her it is a bunch of SEOs getting together to eat.

Wife: So do you do business?
Me: No, not really. Business is not the focus of this, it is just to get together.

Wife: You get together to do what?
Me: To ear and drink.

Me: Oh, and I am the founding member of this organization.

Wife: So you are a founding member of an organization about eating and drinking?
Me: Um, yea, I guess so.

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  1. siborg

    where do i sign up?
    i dont know much about SEO but i have extensive experience eating and drinking, although clearly not as much as you 🙂

  2. Hawaii SEO

    That’s a great idea! I think I’ll start something local like this. We would likely schedule these gatherings to coincide with major sporting events.

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