So as some of you know Google Reader Reporting Subscriber Numbers (official announcement) and of course, the awesome FeedBurner announced they will begin showing the subscriber statistics Saturday.

So I login to check out the numbers and I was blown away. At what point did Bloglines, the most popular Web based RSS reader, get blown away by Google’s personalized home page and Google Reader?

Search Engine Roundtable Feed A Subscription Distribution

The chart above is from one of my two RSS feeds I manage at FeedBurner for the Search Engine Roundtable. You can see that my number one RSS subscriber base comes from Google Feedfetcher.

Feedfetcher is how Google grabs RSS or Atom feeds when users subscribe to them in Google Reader or the Google Personalized Homepage. Subscriber counts include Google Reader and the Google Personalized Homepage. Feedfetcher collects and periodically refreshes these user-initiated feeds, but does not index them in Blog Search or Google’s other search services

So Feedfetcher combines both Google Reader and the personalized home page. I would love to see them broken out. But anyway…

Bloglines is only 19% of the share. So Google has 19 point higher share of my RSS readers. Wow.

What also surprises me is that 9% of my RSS subscribers prefer email notifications. FeedBlitz is the RSS to Email service I use to enable people to easy request email subscriptions over RSS subscriptions. That is the third most popular way to subscribe to the blog. Outside of reading the site at the main web page, people opt for Google, then Bloglines and then email.

Again, this is looking at one of my feeds, I have two – but this is the more popular one.

I did not yet switch from Bloglines to Google Reader, I don’t think I will any time soon. Main reason, I am on a Mac browser and Google Reader really kills the browser with all the JavaScript and AJAX stuff. I am also not on a slow Mac, I am on a MacBook Pro with 2GB of RAM and a nice dual processor.

I am still kind of blown away by these numbers. Google, Bloglines, then Email. Wow.

But yes, I will say it again, RSS has changed my life.

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  1. Matt Cutts

    How recently did you try Reader? A bunch of people at Google use Macs, and I haven’t heard complaints recently. Do you use Firefox or Safari?

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