As you know, my preferred RSS reader is currently Bloglines. But about a month ago they launched this totally irrelevant Image Wall feature.

Image Wall, to my understanding, displays images from recent blog posts and places them on the image wall. How is this useful to me? It is not. But I decided to take a peak today and see what is in the image wall.

To my surprise, way too many of the images in Image Wall were pornographic and adult in nature. Of course, there are those blogs that are probably spamming Bloglines Image Wall feature, but nevertheless, it is not nice. Here is a screen capture I took and blocked out parts of showing some of the image wall.

Yes, you can report these images by hovering your mouse over the image. Then up comes a larger version of that image (yea, that is what I wanted) and click on the “report this image as “may offend” link.

Report Bloglines Image Wall

To be fair, you have to agree before entering to “The Image Wall is comprised of dynamically generated images from user feeds and may contain material of an explicit sexual nature or other adult content.” And you must say you are over 18. OK, now what elementary or high school student using bloglines won’t click the agree button?

But the spammers are faster, so is this the end of image wall?

Update: Decided to remove the image. Also, Bloglines is doing work with dozens of adult filtering services but it is obviously not working. My main problem is that you can stumble on this images. Of course if a kid wants to find these images, they can. But if they find them by accident, I have an issue with that.

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