blogo225x50.gifI gave Google Reader a shot against Bloglines, and I believe I gave it a fair shot against Bloglines but ultimately, my RSS reader will remain to be Bloglines (at least for the time being).

To make things fair, I put a Google Reader toolbar bookmark right next to my Bloglines bookmark. I created a Google Reader Dashboard Widget Notifier to place right next to the Bloglines notifier. And I tested using both for about two weeks.

My only issue with Google Reader is that it seriously hogs resources on my Apple.

Rendering Google Reader items in Safari is no fun. I have a super fast computer, tons of RAM, top of the line. But either Safari has major issues with rendered JavaScript and AJAX or Google Reader is written poorly. Either way, and Ill assume it is Safari’s fault, Bloglines does not have the same problem.

So until either Safari fixes their JavaScript issues (which I know they have) or Google Reader reduces some of the JavaScript they use to make a sweet web based RSS reader, I will be sticking with Bloglines.

I do like a lot of things about Google Reader; such as the list view versus the expanded view tab and many more things but it is not enough for me to switch.

My default browser has to run quickly with my RSS reader. RSS speeds up my life, I can’t let it slow me down.

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  1. Mihai Parparita

    Hi Barry,

    Sorry to hear that Reader didn’t quite make the cut for you. Things should get better with the next release of Safari (at least based on our experience with WebKit nightly builds), so hopefully you can give us another shot then.

    Mihai Parparita
    Google Reader Engineer

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