theme18in.pngSo now the I have sidekick I am better able to verify a few things. I have been giving “thumbs up” via StumbleUpon pretty much for every article I publish. In fact, I added a SU feedflare that makes it easier to stumble without the toolbar.

I asked Tamar where these stumbles show up, because I keep submitting and they don’t show up in my profile. Yes, I am logged in. Yes, I tried both the link method (FeedFlare) and using the Firefox toolbar and neither work.

I asked Tamar to use both methods and the submissions show up in her profile right away.

So I am thinking, that maybe I am banned from StumbleUpon for submitting too often?

I never heard of a StumbleUpon ban, have you?

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  1. Erika

    Very interesting Barry- who’d a thought they ban people for actually using the system as it is designed to be used.

    Hope you post an update on your findings team!


  2. Caydel

    I’ve had the same thing as you… eventually it work again. I think it’s an algorthm thing, submit to often from the same site.

  3. Andy Beard

    Feel free to test it on my site 😉

    Maybe you have discovered the secret to SU’s success

    Stumbles per site = 5+(Total Stumbles/50)+(reviews/5)+bonus

    Or something similar

  4. disaster

    same thing happened to me! I submitted 3 of my posts in a row. :/ it’s been a day & still wont work.

    i’ve never seen your site on my stumbles. I’ll thumbs up it right now though!

  5. Joshua Dorkin

    I think I’ve been banned, but I don’t spam the site, and haven’t stumbled my site in a while… anyone know how to get removed from the banlist?

  6. Kayla

    Same thing happened to me. I can no longer StumbleUpon my posts. No problem doing other web sites. I sure hope Caydel is right and that it will work again.

  7. Austin Luna

    I just gave you a thumbs up because you deserve it. There’s hardly any info out there on this subject. Nice post.

    Your not showing up in my list though.

  8. David Eaves

    Iv’e just been banned too Barry, gutted, Iv’e been loving the traffic for quite a long time now. Just found this post whilst looking for an answer, thanks for the info. I hope Caydel is right too.

  9. mao

    So is true they are banning, the same thing have happened to me. snifff but a question is, Are we banned of submit our own content? or is our url banned from the system?

  10. Eli

    Happened to me too. Day 2 and I can’t stumble from one domain. Hoping it goes away soon.

    See you at Ad:Tech (yep, flying in)


  11. keikun

    you just have to stumble or rate (thumbs up / thumbs down) other pages to get it up and running perfectly again 🙂

    you can start by rating the sites of people who commented on this page ;p

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