Do you like coffee? I don’t. Do you like Starbucks? Well, I don’t like coffee.

starbucks coffeebreak


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  1. coffee drinker

    I will be there
    they charge so much money for coffee i think everyone should go and get a free cup.

  2. coffee drinker

    I got my free cup of coffee did you get yours???

    I hope you all did and i think tomorow is DUNKIN DOUNUT DAY

  3. Hawaii SEO

    Wow! I almost spit my coffee out onto my keyboard just now when I read that you don’t like coffee. (!?!?)

    As I sit here peacefully drinking my coffee in a RustyBrick coffee cup that says “Instant coder: Just Add Caffeine” … I can’t help but wonder why? What’s not to like?

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