Michael Gray from Wolf Howl told many SEO Bloggers Step Away From the Keyboard in a video. This blog post was live on Saturday and there are already 22 comments. I decided it would be fun to post a video response, so here is my attempt to respond via YouTube.

In short I ask SEO bloggers to keep doing what they are doing but listen to Michael’s advice on being unique and add value. I personally track hundreds of blogs and thousands of feeds each day, all on one topic – search. I obviously do not cite each blog post or feed item I find but I do often cite different sources each day. Some from bloggers that may be unknown to many and some from well-read bloggers.

The point being, keep blogging, add your unique ideas to what you blog about. I rather read some repetition than tell you to go away all together. Why? Because you do have good posts every now and then. I know it is hard to break into the search blog space, there are people who have been doing it for years already. So my advice, keep going at it, keep it unique and find your niche. I appreciate it.

And if you are like Michael and hate repetition, just don’t subscribe to those blogs. Let me, Danny and other bloggers weed through those posts for you and do our best to bring you the best of the best posts on a daily basis. That is what we are here for.

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  1. Carsten Cumbrowski

    Hi Barry, I made my comments to this already at Michael’s blog and they are along the same line as yours.

    The Video response thingy got me thinking.
    A WordPress plug-in would be nice to allow a video responses.

    Something that connects with your YouTube or Google Video account (and not with the account of the commenter) to save the comments, or you keep them on your server if you want to (and limit the length of comments hehe).

    I don’t know how much it takes to do the capturing and if you can make it work without the need to spend money on software licenses.

    Here is an article to Video Capture in FlashMX 2004

    I think that is how YouTube does it, but it requires Flash MX, which is not free. If you have an open source developer handy, it might be fun to have him wrap his head around it for a few hours hehe.

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