rss-2-twitter.pngSo I have honestly kept on using Twitter and it is working out. I have been trying to set up a Twitter account for the Search Engine Roundtable, and automate the posting to Twitter.

So if I write a blog post at the Search Engine Roundtable, it would automatically twit that post headline and URL in that account. Just go to and click “add as friend.”


RSS 2 Twitter, which has been down for the past three days, is now back up. So I set it up and it worked.

Basically, you to to RSS 2 Twitter and at the bottom of the screen you enter your Twitter username and password.

RSS 2 Twitter Screen Cap

After that, it asks you to plug in the specific RSS feed, which I did on this page.

RSS 2 Twitter Screen Cap

And then it went through my most current posts and pushed them up to Twitter. So now it is safe, to add as a friend.

Just go to and click “add as friend.”

I also set it up for my personal twitter account at I would like to apologize to the 80 or so of you that got blasted with the past 20 or so blog posts from my personal blog. It will clear up shortly.

There are two other services I am aware of that does this.
Twitter Feed
Stammy Script

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