Bill Gates on Mac CommercialsAdvertising Age interviewed Bill Gates (chief Microsoft). At the end of the interview, they asked Mr. Gates about the Mac Ads. This is too funny.

GARFIELD: I want to ask you one more thing: Those Mac ads — how do you feel about the John Hodgman character?

GATES: I can’t comment on someone else’s ad.

GARFIELD: OK … but he’s you.

GATES: Yeah, I’m not gonna comment on someone else’s ad.

GARFIELD: OK, well, Bill Gates, thank you so much for joining us.


GARFIELD: Can I just have a clean goodbye?


GARFIELD: OK, can you just say goodbye? Thank you or goodbye or something like that?

GATES: Goodbye.

LOL – thanks for sending this to me Judah

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  1. msdanielle

    i’m sure it’s funny when you listen to the interview, but reading this as a transcript, I couldn’t help but laugh really hard. lol …awesome…

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