motorstormI read this Wired article on a PlayStation 3 game named MotorStorm. It is basically a racing game, specifically designed for the advanced and high processing power of the PS3.

From Wired:

As I said, Motorstorm is all about advanced physics. The graphics are excellent, sure. The dirt looks like dirt, etc. But the key feature here isn’t that the bikes look like bikes, it’s that they bounce like them. It’s annoying when your bike skids out of control into a rock and explodes, but it’s entertaining because you could see exactly where you lost control and understand what you could have done to stop that. There’s been a lot of effort put in to make everything feel right, and you can really see the difference.

So I bought the game on Amazon from a gift certificate I got from a friend in the search industry.

The main issue that Wired brings up, and I agree, is that you don’t “feel” this. The controllers don’t shake or rattle or jerk. The Wired writer calls out Logitech to build a 3rd party controller that does just that; “So yeah, I’d really like to see a controller re-design or a third party pad with less stupid analog triggers. Logitech? Can we get a little help, here?”

Outside of that, the graphics are crazy and it is fun. I played about 10 races in the past 2 days. Each took about five minutes… I am on race two of level one still.

Fun game…

Oh and the mud does splatter on the screen when someone cuts you off, it is really annoying….

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  1. Karl Ribas

    The “controllers don’t shake or rattle or jerk”… that’s not very interactive at all. Barry, it sounds to me like you invested in a PS3 when you should have purchased a Nintendo Wii for a third of the cost. Now that’s an interactive game system. EVERY game is interactive in some way.

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