Last night was the guys night out thing. Last time we had it, I wrote Blue Lips, Smurfs & Kosher Shushi Boats.

We went to the same place, a shushi place in Teaneck, NJ. I don’t like shushi, which some of you may know.

On the menu, they had a vegi burger, so I decided to give it a try. Big mistake.

It came to me, and it looks pretty good, presentation wise…

Vegi Burger -- Uchhh
taken on treo

But when you open the lid, it is pure green!
Vegi Burger -- Uchhh
taken on treo

It tasted so bad. I don’t like green things. I don’t like vegetables. I am a chicken and potatoes type of guy. Give me chicken, give me potatoes and I am happy. I eat plenty of things but not shushi, not vegi burgers…

Some of the other guys tried to eat the so called burger and they failed. Even those who claim they enjoy vegi burgers said this one was incredibly bad.

I did eat the fries and the bread (which seemed whole wheatish). The fries were a bit extreme, very spicy but a bad spicy, not a good one.

At the end of the meal, I thought to myself. Did I just eat that? Oh no! Well, I didn’t. I didn’t finish the vegi burger, I didn’t finish the fries, I didn’t finish the salad on the plate. And for me to not finish the food on my plate — well, that is a rare sight.

I am putting my foot down. Next guys night out, we are not doing shushi. If you want shushi, go with your wife on a couple night out. Leave the shushi to girls. We go to a steak and chicken place next time and eat like men!

I am still feeling the pain from that vegi burger…

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    The guys night out was good and next time if you want we can go to a diffrent restraunt. But u need to get the rest of the 8 guys to agree.

    Sushi is amazing but that burger looked nasty. you should of bought it home to your wife and told her u got her somehting she would of appreciated it

    and if your wife reads this then this next line is for her– when we open a door WE TURN KNOW AND PUSH REMEMBER THAT ITS VERY HELPFUL

  2. Marco

    I don´t get the point. You say, you don´t like vegetables, and you don´t eat vegi burgers…

    Why, for heavens sake, did you order a vegi burger?

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