First day back in the normal routine here. I won’t be posted the daily link finds today, but I will start collecting them today and post the past day’s daily links tomorrow. So here we go, search today, through my finger tips…

Matt is undercutting (sorry, had to do that) the SEO community by setting fear with paid links, the 2007 debate has begun on paid links. Click through rate is lower since Google went with yellow ads. DodgeBall founders have left Google. Google Audio is now supported by many radio station systems. I listed some of the URLs to ping with your search Sitemaps. Chris Boggs experts at Search Engine Watch. Finally, the live Search Pulse is archived.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Chris Boggs Writes Column on Being an SEM in a Large Agency
  2. Search Pulse 25: April 1, SEOmoz Factors, Google Yellow Ads, Yahoo Shorter Descriptions, Sitemaps Autodiscovery & Microsoft and Join Google and Yahoo, & More
  3. Matt Cutts of Google on Paid Links Again
  4. Sitemaps Ping URLs at Google, Yahoo, &
  5. Impact of Yellow Google Ads & Click Through Change on CTR & Sales

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. Paid Links Under Scrutiny By Google Again
  2. Crowley & Rainert Of DodgeBall Quit Google After Much Frustration
  3. Google Audio Ads Now Supported By Radio Stations

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