I took screen captures of Google News results inside Google Web search. Volume is down since the launch of Panama. Ask.com goes contextual. Google Maps updated some data. AdWords vouchers are not for resale. Ask is better than Google. AdSense gets extremely personal and AdWords get nasty. Google personalized home page gets antisocial. Yahoo News moves images and videos to the top. Portfolio releases outdates executive information.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Screen Captures of the New Google News Results in Action
  2. Since Yahoo! Launched Panama Volume & Traffic Is Down?
  3. Ask.com Gets Contexual With ASL Contextual Advertising
  4. Google Local Business Center Updates Google Maps Business Listings; Kinda
  5. Google AdWords Vouchers Cannot Be Resold
  6. Is Ask a Better Search Engine than Google?
  7. Very Personalized Google Ads Spotted: Is this New?
  8. Google Sponsored Listings Hide Surprises and Malware

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. Settings For Google Personalized Homepage Disappear For Many
  2. Yahoo News Moves Images & Video News Results To Top
  3. Portfolio.com Releases Executive Profiles Of Search Execs

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