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AdWords, SMX, Google UI, Yahoo Checkout, Bombs, Spam, Brands, Y!China Sued, Yahoo Lyrics

Today I reported that advertisers are again noticing a drop in AdWords referrals. Search Marketing Expo is around the corner. Google is testing out more user interfaces. Does Yahoo Checkout improve sales and traffic? How should one handle Google Bombs? 80% of all blogs are offensive. Google is ranked the most popular global brand. Yahoo


My Best Blogger Mug from MarketingSherpa Broke!

I walked into the office one day and notice the handle of my MarketingSherpa Best Blogger 2006 mug, that I won, was broken off. Pretty sad… All the effort I put into blogging, to only have all that I have to show for it, break! Just kidding. One day, I will just glue it back


We Build Pages Schwag – Thanks Jim

Tamar walks into the office with a couple boxes for me. She tells me that Jim Boykin from We Build Pages mailed her schwag for us. You can see a wall clock, a soup mug and a desk clock. Apparently, they were handing this stuff out at the SES NY show. Thanks Jim and friends!


The E-Z Pass For Airports: Fly Clear

In NY and other stats they have this device for your car that allows you to drive through toll booths without stopping your car to pay. In NY and NJ (and other states) it is called E-Z Pass and I love it. What if you can have the same thing at airport security lines? As

Just Interesting

Awesome Bedroom TV Solution

Someone sent this to Judah who sent it to me, but we don’t know where it came from. Check out how this TV comes out from under the bed and is in the optimal viewing location for both you and your wife. Too cool.


Dropped RSS 2 Twitter for Own Solution of Twitter to RSS

Last week I explained how Automatically Posting Twitter Message From Your Blog’s RSS Feed. But RSS 2 Twitter stopped updating over the weekend. So I asked Ronnie to code it himself. I gave Ronnie a bit of wrong information, which caused me to spam Twitter (totally by accident, I am sorry for the duplicate posts)…

Daily Link Finds

Daily Search Engine Roundtable Link Finds: April 23, 2007

This is the April 23rd issue of a daily post that will contain links to commentary of the posts over at the Search Engine Roundtable. All links I find throughout the day that ad some commentary to the posts written over at the Search Engine Roundtable, will be in the Daily Link Finds. The purpose


The Cartoon Barry Mac Icon

I finally tried to convert my Cartoon Barry icon into a proper Mac icon. How did I do it? I followed the instructions on Macapper.com. In short: (1) Used Photoshop to edit my image into a PNG file with transparency. (2) Used Icon Composer in Apple Developer tools to create a ICNS file file. (3)