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PC Worlds Most Annoying Products

PC World published the The 20 Most Annoying Tech Products and I totally agree with number 1. AOL CDs, who didn’t get one of these each week? Windows Me (2000), remember PCs that came with this preinstalled, horror! Apple iTunes, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Microsoft Zune, Napster – I am not too sure about that,


Thank You – I Beat Danny

Thanks for voting for me in the Blogger Face Off. I just realized that I officially beat Danny Sullivan. OK, I cheated. I begged you to vote. 😉 Thanks!


Digging Out – Much Better Over Weekend Vs. Friday

I always dread the day after a conference, coming back to the office with piles of things left for you to do. Returning voicemails (I hate voicemails!) Returning emails that had to wait until I got in the office Going through mail Handling billing things Sending out proposals And so on… This year, SES NY,

Just Interesting

Car Accidents 13% Higher on Friday The 13ths

I was listening to the radio this morning and Jim Kerr said that there was a report out that car accidents are more likely on Friday the 13ths. He said 13% more likely. Pretty interesting…. So I tracked down a recent article on this to get more info… Norwich Union researched claims over a five-year


An Empty Press Room – Ah!

I got here early this morning, so someone sent a guard to open the press room for me. I have a press room all to myself! First time ever. This is nice. Now I can do some blogging. And someone just turned out all the lights, but the Internet works, I think, so I am

SEO Tips

Me With Apostolos Gerasoulis of Ask.com & Teoma

You know that Ask.com bought Teoma way back. You know who invented Teoma? This man, Apostolos Gerasoulis. Also known as AG. He recently was featured in several Ask.com commercials. More about that at http://blog.ask.com/2006/05/who_is_apostolo.html. Now I am officially cool! Just a note: I rarely take pictures search folks, but this is a keeper.


RustyBrick Bag & SER YoYo Give Away at SES NYC

If, big if, I remember to bring RustyBrick bags and Search Engine Roundtable YoYos tomorrow —- then…. I will be giving them away. So if you see me with an extra bag in my hand or YoYos, then ask away. Maybe I will have some trivia to ask you, so you can “earn” it. Here


At Parents For Last Days of Passover

Monday and Tuesday, my wife and I will be at my parents for the last days of Passover. For you SEO people, I will be off the blog until Wednesday. The other authors will be writing, plus we will have live SES NYC coverage Tuesday. I will be joining the rest of you at SES