Uploaded Custom Background To Twitter

I uploaded a Twitter background image to my profile. Here is what it looks like on my screen. I used an old PowerPoint presentation background that looked like this: I had to move up the “Search Engine Roundtable” piece to the top right of the design, to make it visible on Twitter. I love this

SEO Tips

Unexpected Google April Fools Day Present

I logged in to check my web statistics for the Search Engine Roundtable and noticed I received about 7,000 visitors from Google on the April Fools day theme. Here are some of the top keyword phrases: google april fools april fools google google april fools jokes google april fools joke april fools jokes google prank


Poor Tamar: Twitter Tells a Sad Tale of a Flight

Poor Tamar, aka SideKick. She began boarding the plan 3 hours ago. Then the plan was on its way 2 hours ago to only be held back. An hour later Tamar Twitters that she is 40th to the departure. She twitters again 15 minutes later that she is allowed to use the phone since they