There was a PR update over the weekend. YPN’s ads are getting bad reviews. We talked about Google Audio ads. I tested Pay Per Action text link ads. Should AdSense add allowed domain feature? Yahoo bought Right Media. adCenter upgraded over weekend. Google Checkout’s listing is looking off. I explained how the nofollow is handled. Yahoo’s VP left. Google responded to the Click Quality Council. Wikipedia and double standards? Google placed Chili in Argentina. Google Transit messed up in a funny way.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Google PageRank April Update: Most Notice Drop in PR
  2. Yahoo! Publisher Network Earnings & Relevancy Forcing Publishers to Revisit Google AdSense?
  3. Screen Captures of Google Audio Ads – Ad Creation Marketplace
  4. First: Google Pay Per Action Text Ads In Action
  5. Should Google AdSense Add an Allow Domains Feature?
  6. Yahoo Buys Ad Company to Compete with Google’s Acquisition of DoubleClick
  7. Microsoft adCenter Upgrade in Process
  8. Google Checkout Search Result Apparently “Hijacked”

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. How Search Engines Handle The Nofollow Attribute
  2. Yahoo Search VP Andrew Braccia Resigns
  3. Google Responds To Click Quality Council’s 8 Principles For PPC Improvement
  4. Wikipedia’s Double Standard On Nofollow Rule
  5. Google Agrees To Return Chilean City It Borrowed For Argentina
  6. Google Transit Sends Upset User Superman Cape

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