Nathan tagged me asking me why I blog.

So why I blog? Why I blog? Why I blog?

(1) To keep track of things digitally.
(2) To remember things better.
(3) To be part of a larger community.
(4) To keep my fingers active.
(5) Most importantly… To help others. (I hope)

Let’s see, I need to tag people asking them why they blog…

Danny, since he rarely updates his personal blog
Judah or Barry G.
Ben P. lets here it
Chris Boggs – don’t be shy.
Todd so I can see one more blog entry

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  1. Michael Jensen

    I just updated the blog meme tracker with your post. Like with the last meme that came through the SEO blogosphere, I am tracking the growth of the “Why I blog” meme through a blog tag tree (like a family history tree). This makes it easy to know who has been tagged already, and to get to everyone’s answer really easy.

    Blog Meme Tracker: Why I Blog


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