If you are signed into Google and you do searches, Google will store your Web History. I only set it to shave my search history, so this is just a sample of that.

Here is the numbers of searches I do by hour (I believe this is based on Eastern Standard Time).


Here are also the number of searches I do by day:


It also shows me my post popular searches by hour or day. 5am, I typically search for “weather” like searches. Around 6am through 10am, I tend to search for content on specific sites (i.e. I am looking for stuff I wrote at SEW or SER or SEL, so I use site: command to find it). Then starting around 11am through 12pm, I search for lunch things, like restaurant names and stuff. Then between 1pm and 5pm, I typically search for more business things and stock quotes, along with site commands. 6pm and onward I am back to weather searches along with the others searches from throughout the day.

This makes for a good tag meme. I’ll tag…
Aaron Wall

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