As I told you, I was honored to be invited to Gary & Lisa Price’s Wedding that took place yesterday. My wife and I tripped up to Chicago for the weekend. We spent the “shabbos” with Yisha’s friends in Chicago and then went up to the wedding Sunday morning.

I spotted Gary about 11am as he was walking into the Ketubah signing room. We took a quick picture together.

Gary Price & Barry Schwartz @ Gary & Lisa Price's Wedding

Then after some explanatory and technical matters I was privileged to sign Gary and Lisa’s Ketubah. Here I am doing that:

Barry Signing Ketubah @ Gary & Lisa Price's Wedding

My signature came out pretty well. I signed in script but this is how it looks like in print.

ברוך יעקב בן אריה יוסף שוורץ

Then after I signed, others signed as well, and then we moved to the ceremony part. Everyone in the family walked down to music.

Gary Price & Lisa Getting Married @ Gary & Lisa Price's Wedding

There is Gary and Lisa under the chuppa (aka canopy) getting married. They read some things, read the ketubah, say the 7 blessings, Gary gives the ring, they drink a bit of wine, then Gary breaks the glass and they are married.

Gary and Lisa go out, they hide for 18 minutes or so while the friends and family go to the reception area.

Then Gary and Lisa join us. The bride and groom are kings on this day and should be treated as such.

There were plenty of search geeks at the wedding, including a number of folks and librarians. But so was Danny and Chris.

Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz & Chris Sherman @ Gary & Lisa Price's Wedding

Let me just tell you, Gary looked so calm and relaxed. He looked incredibly happy. I am so happy for Lisa and Gary!

Mazol Tov!

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  1. Marydee

    Great photos, Barry. It was a beautiful wedding and you captured the essence of it really well. What a wonderful day it was!


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