Google just launched street views for Google Maps. It is pretty pretty cool.

I tried it in NYC, and they mapped all the streets. Here in Suffern, NY, they didn’t do all that much yet. But they did get within a thousand feet or so from my office.

This is a video demonstrating how if you go north on Airmont, and hang a left, my office building is right there. But you can’t go north enough to see my office, yet.

Using Street View
In certain locations, you can view and navigate within street-level imagery. Here’s how:
– Blue outlines show roads where street view is available.
– This icon shows where you are on the map. The green arrow points in the direction you’re looking. You can drag the icon to navigate to a different location. You can also just click on a blue outlined road to go there.
– Drag the street view to look around 360°. Use the arrow buttons to navigate down the street. You can also use the arrow keys on the keyboard.


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  1. Sandi

    I’m trying to find the views like they showed on the news, the actual map with the streets you could click onto. I want to find certain streets I used to live on a one time in San Fran before I moved in 1967. How do I find the street map and I can click onto Ca.and 25th Ave, Bocana, Rolph, Alabama and the likes and where I used to work on Ca. and Grant, and up on Stockton in the topless club area, no I wasn’t a dancer, the company was up there in little Italy area. How do I just get to the streets and click on and hope they have the camera.They showed these on CBS #5 the other nite. Also Church street just before 30th. in the Mission.

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