USA & Canadian BorderWell, not really. But I want free stuff from Google and apparently, if you say Google Sucks on your blog, you may get a freebee from Google.

Yesterday I reported that Google Transit Sends Upset User Superman Cape. Yes, they did!

One guy almost died trying to cross over an eight-lane highway on foot, based on Google Transit’s suggestion. OK, fine, he didn’t almost die because he was smart enough not to attempt crossing an eight-lane highway on his tricycle. But he blogged that Google told him to. And guess what it got him? A Super Man Cape from a Googler.

Well, did I once tell you that I used Google Maps to drive back from SES Toronto. I got to the USA / Canadian border and they arrested me!

Well not really. They asked me a billion questions and the border, then asked me to drive my car into this small garage. Then they asked me and my friend to step out of the car and wait in a small room. Then after checking some things about me and the car, they said I can go.

So I almost got put in jail for life because of Google Maps! Who knows, maybe, just maybe, I could have been sentenced to death! Maybe!

To make things worse, after I got back on the highway. Within 1 minute, I truck picked up a rock from it’s back wheel and it hit my windshield and cracked it. As I drove the 6 hours or so back, the tiny crack grew to cover the whole windshield of the car. Good thing insurance covered it but I almost fell out of the car while driving because the windshield could have fallen of the car. Yes, I blame Google Maps!

Google Sucks until I get something free from them. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Kev

    Anything for a freebee!

    I nearly drowned after following the Google Maps advise to swim the Atlantic last week, should I ask for a free pair of goggles πŸ™‚

  2. Brian Mark

    At SES San Jose, Google maps made it look like a short walk to the Bodog party. After walking over the interstate and wondering if I was ever going to make it, I finally got there. It was several miles… but the map made it look like a short walk. I must need new shoes after all that. πŸ™‚

  3. wes

    Did you know google keeps search records and IP information on anyone that search’s with there search engine. They have come under alot of hostility with the privacy rights lobbyist’s and others for there privacy infringement. They have been collecting this infomation for over 5 years and is speculated that the information will be sold in the future.

    Also more recently google, siding with, removed websites from there advertising list. Some speculate that it has ties to the website that attacked our countries General with a Times ad. I for one am starting to grow a little scared of the worlds largest search engine.

    Just remember i told you so when google starts watching your every move on the internet and taking ther own political agendas to the web sites they host.

    watch out here comes big brother!!

  4. kevin =)

    fuck u google u got me raped by going to google maps and looking for my friends house =)

  5. googlsearchsucks

    Google is overstepping their bounds. Just walking down the street in San Francisco might get you on their street view on Google maps. What if I choose to pick out my wedgie when the thing takes my pic?

  6. Mar

    Don’t you think that putting all your trust to any electronic maps and/or generated directions is not smart !!!
    Who claims that there are no mistakes, errors, misunderstandings?



  7. Chuck Norriss

    THOSE BITCHES SENT ASSASINS ON ME BUT I TOOK THEM. found out they were chinese assasins. and they told me that they were going to rape everyone in the world
    but i kept my ass clear from those chinese

    thank you for reading this story


  8. Advertiser who hates Google

    The more I think about it, google does suck. Too bad millions of people wtill believe that Google is a good search engine. Well, people, this may not be such a good alternative, but in a way it’s even better than google. With free prizes and rewards that you can win, you should try this site out. It is connectd with a lot of similar search engines that have the same results and use the sam engine, but they give you different prizes. Please try this out. I need more of what they call swag bucks. I want one of the etched iPod Nanos. They are really nice! Link:

    Remember people, please try it out, a helluva lot better than Google. They give you prizes and they use a combined and google search engine.

  9. Some guy

    People, if you don’t like Google, don’t fucking use it! Shut the fuck up and use yahoo or some other search engine.

  10. dan

    I ended up crossing the bridge and got lost in Harlem, NYC and got 2 tickets in the same day following damn Google maps to travel between 2 cities in North NJ.

  11. Riftrarif

    Google sucks big time.
    They do not have the manners or courtsey to repsond to AdSense appeals.
    They banned me because of clickfraud, when I never even had my ads on any site.

  12. No Name

    Google is an okay company, but they tend to forget that we as a publisher are also human beings living on this big great dirt world, and we also need to survive out here.

  13. killgoog

    Goooooooooooooooooogle suckkkkkkkkkkkkkks!
    I hope God would be sending their asses to hell
    I β™₯ Yahoo but for google, oh please, your email service isn’t even customizable or sleek and stylish. And for iGoogle, you can’t even change the background of the page(like in MyYahoo, you can change it) and you know, Google is just copying Yahoo for some reasons

  14. Penny

    Somebody came into my store with a Google map to a business in town. The business was about 3 miles up on the right of the highway they were on. Google was sending them through hell and back to get to a place that was a straight shot. They were totally shocked when I told them to just stay on the highway for about 3 miles and start looking to their left.

  15. Joe

    Google is number one for one reason only, it loads fast. Yahoo and Msn wake up shit heads. The search algo that google uses sucks big time. They lie about how many sites are listed for your search and google couldn’t get a search right if their lives depended on it. OH But their paid listing are right on 50% of the time compaired to their free listing that are right on about 2% of the time. Their shit sucks it’s just that yahoo and Msn suck more.

  16. Drob

    All of you complaining about Google are lame. Try using a map that isn’t electronically generated. You all remind me of Michael Scott on the Office episode when he claimed his GPS attemped to kill by telling him to drive into a lake.

    Dont drive into the lake people.

  17. Cassiedynamoye

    Google maps almost got me killed when I was trying to find a new park to skate in! It was the middle of July about 90 degrees! They told me it was a 30 min walk from the bus stop, it was like a 2 hour walk with heavy roller blades digging into my back I almost died!

  18. TedM

    Hm… I really don’t agree with you guys.

    I think Google is great… I mean Yahoo… it’s just… well let’s say it’s tacky.

    Google loads fast and I’ve never been unable to find anything I want to find. And a lot of people dish out on the advertised link… well… ever heard of AdBlock Plus!?

    I think you guys are probably just hating Google cuz you want to “hate the man”

    Google is one of the ONLY companies that ACTUALLY listens to people. Think of Google Android.. I’ve never seen THAT with Yahoo!

    Anyways, Yahoo and MSN are the ones I think suck, it’s sorta like the way Mac users dish out on Microsoft because they want to “rebel against the man”

    Guys, be reasonable, if you really hate it THAT much, just shut up and report it as a phishing site to Yahoo!.


  19. admin

    Trying to get to my step-father’s funeral in Arkansas from LA, Google Maps took me way out of the way through Las Vegas. It was dark. Interesting trip, but we made the funeral just on time. I guess even Las Vegas money pays Google these days πŸ™

    My website used to be first rated on Google before it went public. No big deal. Times change, as has Google’s financials.

    When was the last time you found a decent Google hit without going through multiple porn sites? My employer’s content filter now blocks most Google webservers.

  20. No Name

    it’s funny that you say that..well it’s not’s serious shit, google sucks..i want uhm…a BMW..yeah..i was almost hit by one attempting to post this.

  21. de-rap

    Google search is not the problem
    Just don.t buy anything from the sorry bastards
    they will send you crap you didn’t order, and become 100% assholes when you call about it, and refuse, to refund your money, they are a bunch of greedy idiots just like AIG

  22. dubasss[sic]

    ur retarded. sry bout that, its just the truth.

    Ur post is lk completely hypothetical. its lk saying that your post could have wasted my bandwidth, so i couldn’t finish that download, so i couldn’t read that article so that so now im a dumbass lk u.

    r u gonna take responsibility for my loss? No? that’s what a normal person would answer.

  23. blob

    google sucks he has jack shit on it lyk i want one little answer it gives me 19 pages and to make it worse what i was looking for wasn’t even on it so yer google fucken sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11out loud

  24. blob

    og it still willn’t do it grr i’ll eat you i hate google really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  25. Korochuun

    Funnily enough, when you get pulled over to the side tent across the border, it’s not an ALMOST arrest.

    LOL. Idiot.

  26. darren

    it’s your fault for bad directions sweety, aka girl, but i hear you on the reliability factor. However bad google is on this, they do at least cover ever street, ever corner, ever mountain in the world, so it isn’t their fault you cant find great lakes. But, i dislike google because they have set themselves up as the touch-stone of our generation, yet they failed us on simple queries and given only graphics to suffice. It’s sega vs. nintendo all over again.



  28. stupido

    Google loaded so fast it spooked me. i fell over backward onto my dog and broke his back. now he needs a little cart for his back legs. think google will donate that?
    Hell no google sucks!!!!

  29. Ben

    I live in rockhampton, and saw my dad’s work van at my house. So google maps is a interesting tool to find interesting stuff, or most likely embarrassing stuff that could get you into trouble, like a picture black kids with guns that could be of been real.

  30. Robie

    Since when does google owns the net?
    google hacked my index and posted a page in my site saying that I have malware in it!
    i checked and everything is ok with my site however google doesn’t take the hack out of my site!


  31. google really sucks

    So why would I be rebelling, why would I hate the man, that’s complete nonsense I came here to post my opinion, Google sucks why?
    1. They silence you, that’s why they only put certain sites on
    2. The maps suck, yes they have every detail of the world but does that make their maps superior… NO a good map should be accurate unlike Googles maps
    3. The search results are often outdated or unreliable.
    And those are reasons why I think Google sucks.

  32. Jeff Lancaster

    Google maps poor useless directions made me miss a job interview. GM says merge onto N. Hwy, I get to N. Hwy to a stop sign I can turn left or right. If I knew which way to go I wouldn’t need directions…how do you merge at a T shaped intersection. GM says turn on … street toward Jupiter st. Again if I knew which direction Jupiter st. was I would be familiar enough with the area to know where I was going. I had to stop twice to ask for directions, told them both I was following GM and they both laughed… last time for me GM. Sucker me once shame on you… but twice!

  33. Oprah

    It would be OK if Google stock fell to around $10 a share. However, my man Obama is about to shut down the banks and start us on the new world currency. That is why we are sending the worthless dollar around the world. ;-)O

  34. hustala

    I used google once and it navigatet me straight so this shitty site!

  35. biglitorous

    sad, sad, sad demonstration of how companies like this are going to take over the world indefinitely.

    may i suggest taking some university courses on the downfalls of past civilizations far greater than ours?

    tsk tsk

  36. twofigners

    Google told the President he could stick a finger up his ass, now his head is stuck. Blame it on Google-Jel

  37. JoeJonas

    Google got me a contract with a major label lip syncing company.
    Thanks a lot google! Because everybody loves my music!

  38. yumna

    omg omg omg you know what you are right good really really sucks… is the most horrible thing that has happened to me…….i almost drowned in the dead sea because of it! you google!

  39. tee

    Google maps directions got me into a car accident when I was on my way to meet my friends. It told me to get on the highway, exit then drive 20 minutes to get to the resturant. I got lost following the directions and realized that I was actually 10 minutes from my house and I could have taken the local roads. Then this crazy man ran into the back of my car at a stop light. Screw google maps.

  40. McDozer

    I tell ya man, Google is dangerous! If the stories on this blog don’t prove it, what will?

    But most of all, it creates a vacuum which will transfer liquid from one position to another (I don’t want to risk this post being automatically deleted for using a cuss word that starts with “s”)

    Especially if you live in a country where they’re just about to charge copyright fees for breathing air, much less allow you to watch American video clips, and every time you run a search they’re trying to sell you a gazillion things in the local language…


    But can’t live without it…

    Like being married to a mean, rotten wife…

    (Which I thankfully am not)…

  41. Mr Google

    Google is th best out there like it or not…you cant compair it to Yahoo!
    Type in google: Yahoo sucks and click first link…

  42. wilner

    when i put in my address into Google Maps,, I get an address 5 blocks south of where i really live. Yes, my house number is correct, but google map is off by 5 blocks. How do i correct this?
    Other mapping services have the right addres

  43. ozl

    nice to know that, i think that google adsense Really sucks!
    and ill post this later on my blog
    @ Mcdozer thanks for the tip on Scroogle !

  44. angeline

    if you want to die fast from blood presure or heart attack just try get direction in google. it really really suck, it’s just a piece of crap

  45. aSmartPerson

    You people can really complain about something so small real easy. It is sad… really… trying using a normal map, or common sense. If it tells you a way you know isn’t right, don’t do it. People will do anything to hurt themselves and get money for it, just because something electronic without logic or its own sense of reason was trying to help. The original story to this thread is pointless and stupid. You people get yourselves into these situations. Rely on your own mental abilities, instead of Google. I swear some of you retards have no hope at intelligence.

  46. WorldNewsAgent

    I agree, Google sucks. They are a globalist company conspiring with big business operators to bring in a world government surveillance grid. Google goes web censoring for China and is implementing these same strategies in the US. But with all that aside, this is the dumbest post I have ever read. You have nothing important to say so you have to exaggerate your story for kicks… you are a loser. There are hundreds of reasons to hate Google, why don’t you highlight the ones worth real criticism.

  47. Rhade

    try locating geographical features on google earth. type in Himalayas and they give u restaurant listings lol

  48. Lilliana

    Google maps got me and my mothe rlost when we were trying to find my friends new house. =( Damn they suck! D:

  49. Bushi

    Are you idiots or what huh…
    Google maps are old and roads change dude.
    By the way google is a search engine dosn’t tell you how or what to do stupid idiots. and why it’s google’s fault when you don’t know to drive and go too close to the truck which throw the stone huh? did google told you that too… Stupid :S

  50. Robert

    You guys are funny but google really does suck. Try to contact a human with problems that don’t fit into their predefigned options template on their e-mail page!!! I’m returning my droid because I can’t contact a human. I also boycot google and all their activities!

  51. SuperiorToEveryone

    Google sucks because it causes people to come up with conspiracies about a world wide grid reporting to Obama who reports to BP who reports to the guy that positioned the pebble that the truck hit that punctured the window of the blogger that almost fell to his death. Google also sucks because it causes people to get mad at a blogger writing about Google sucking that he wasn’t pointing out the serious sucking that Google does or people that complain the blogger has such a stupid opinion while failing to realize their own incredible stupidity. Google also sucks because people no longer write complete sentences they just like talking about their penises which Google fails to direct them to find.

  52. The Conspiracists

    We were RIGHT!

    UK launches investigation into Google Street View collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks. 30 States’ Attprney Generals order Google to stop practice and order full investigation.

    Big Brother is here and his name is Goggleson!

  53. george

    Dude, i know where you were trying to go with your joke. Lots of google maps are odd directins sometimes, but WHAT THE F YOU ARE TALKNIG ABOUT? what google maps has anything to do with you been stop in the border and a rock hiting your car, is not even relevant to google maps.. YOU ARE AN IDIOT! NO FUNY OK>

  54. icetrout

    I almost got AIDS because Google want’s ALL of U.S. to take it up the A$$ :O

  55. gawen

    i think google suck too, and i lik reading what google did to people.
    but it kinda sucks when people put something up and its NOT ACTUALLY GOOGLE’S FAULT.

  56. Jake

    There are two things I want to say:
    First: We need to have in mind that there are more and more spammy sites in Google results and they can do nothing about it.
    Second: When pissed off by Google’s search results, use Yahoo!

  57. John Johnson

    Dont You guys think before you talk.. anyone knows that if you cross the bored scense 9/11 they check your car and information to see if you have any bombs..u couldnt have went to jail, or even life sentence..u guys are dumb

  58. exGoogle

    Brian Marquardt, Russ Laraway, Jocelyn Hayashi all of these are total idiots working at Google.

  59. The Moron Mantra

    >>”People, if you don’t like Google, don’t fucking use it! Shut the fuck up and use yahoo or some other search engine.”<< This is the moron's response. Adds nothing to the debate. There is always one moron posting essentially this same message on every post that has concerns about Gooogle. I wonder who these morons are that go around just tying this mindless message.

  60. GoogleSux

    Google Sucks!! They are waaay overated just like Apple. The masses are brainwashed and there are much better search engines out there that kick back more relevant searches.

  61. KeithTax

    I don’t care if I get free stuff as long as Google stops screwing up. My business office is shown on Google maps as three miles from where I really am. It has always been this way. Google sucks!

  62. seriously??

    really? all of you are completely bias google is keeping our information and its not to sell it its so that the CIA and NSA and watch what people aere looking up and so that there will be an internet control if google owns everything and the government runs google then the only bad guy is our government

  63. seriously??

    and btw google is used the most bcuz its easy to type and easy to remember

  64. braindrye

    the masses are brainwashed by the government and now we have google to watch those who are not brainwashed i will personally work to dry the washed brains of the masses…………

  65. Castila

    bitch are you serious ? take care of yourself and your ugly kids yourself so that goodle doesn’t have to tell them where they can cross the street.
    How ignorant and dumb have people became to start whining about that software developers code isn’t accurate. Ofc it isn’t accurate! It’s because coders are people, every software has flaws- bugs.
    And this case looks extremely like the case about drying cat in microwave. It’s not written you can’t do that, but you can try and kill your cat and than bitch about it.

  66. Todd

    Google most certainly sucks. I hate Google. …and that is about as much as I have to spend on that..

  67. GoogleRocks

    well, if you go to there home page and use the key combination Alt+f4, it will take you to the “Google Free Stuff” homepage!

  68. Bobby

    Ok, personally I use google when im in a hurry (It loads fast & has the results of every other engine)

    I use yahoo & msn for mail cus its better


    This is actually true.

    Years ago, I got a google maps powered gps for my rent-a-car when i took my wife&kids to disney world we flew then got the car, well we went to go to the hilton hotel because its right by DW and it took us OUT OF ORLANDO then randomly said recalculating… go south now we turned then 2h later we got there :@

  69. googlerq

    its funny because i typed in google sucks on google and found this , ur all a bunch of fagits who have no life you fucking losers go get a fucking job or go watch porn and hang urself with a belt in a batman costume , ok thanks thats all bye and fuck you

  70. Google George Noory Sucks

    The only thing that sucks worse than Google is George Noory. Its scientific fact, as proven by the suck scale. While most scientist argue over what sucks and at what degree of suckage the suck belongs. Its scientific consensus that George Noory is the current known highest suck, at a whopping 2012 donkey dick sucks! There is currently nothing thats at a higher suckage than that! Of course there are a few fringe scientist that claim George Noory’s suckage is actually 2011 or 2013 and even 1999 but those views are far and few between and 2012 donkey dick sucks is the accepted number.


    i think google is stupid because i use it every day but i’m a hater and i don’t like joining the bandwagon and i like complaining about everything πŸ˜€


    i think google sucks because i’m a hater and i don’t like following the bandwagon πŸ˜€ even though i use it everyday and i can’t imagine a world without it. stupid derps

  73. fuck_u_google


    seriously google sucks. fuck google. fucking overrated dumbshit monopoly assholes. fucking mind your own business! fuck all google affiliates too! fuck google maps and fuck their bullshit with phones. fuck android for their google bullshit. fucking assholes.

  74. Alex


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