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Google will never be the same.

As many of you know, Google is not just a web search engine. You use Google to find web pages, but you also use it to find a local pizza store, to find a phone number, to get driving directions, stock prices, images, and so on.

Danny Sullivan wrote back in 2003 while at Search Engine Watch Searching With Invisible Tabs to demonstrate how the “tabs” you see at the top of the search box at Google, will have to eventually go away. Today, is that day.

Here is the image Danny used to convey the message that the tabs must go away:


Yes, the tabs over run us.

Today, Google 2.0: Google Universal Search from Danny at Search Engine Land describes how Google is finally taking a full invisible tab approach.

Do a search for something local, like new york dental school and you will get local results right in place of the organic search results. Here is a screen capture:

Google Invisible Tab Approach

You see, the local map in the middle. That is what I am talking about. Also note, the top “tab” links include web, images, news, maps and more – well those are being moved more out of the way also. Danny has examples here of that.

So people, this is the new Google. As a searcher, it will impact your daily searches. For an SEO, well – I’ll quote Danny.

The skilled search engine marketer’s most important asset is understanding how search engines get various types of listings, then helping their clients enter the appropriate databases.

~ Danny

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