Funny, I travel fairly often. On average, probably once a month. Today was I had a pretty bad experience. Continued from my amex story, here it is.

So we got to the airport a bit late, but did not miss the flight yet…

– Ticket agent told us that we have to go on standby for the next flight because we have to “fly with our bags.” I said, are you sure? We can catch this flight (we had 30 minutes to get to the gate) and have our bags go on the next flight. She said, no – you have to fly with your bags.
– Booked us on standby for next flight
– Spent time in continental suite
– That flight didn’t take us, it was way over booked and so was the next one
– We go to ticket counter and they tell us our bags went on the flight! They said they should not have put our bags on that flight.
– They book us on an American Airline flight to Chicago that takes of in 20 minutes
– We run to AA to get our tickets
– AA tells us there is no reservation for us
– I go back to continental, they say they put it through
– I go back to AA, no record of it
– I go back to continental, they said they sent it again and this time on a later flight
– I go back to AA, no record of it
– I go back to continental, they push it through again
– I go back to AA, no record of it
– Now two continental agents are helping us, one stands by AA the other keeps trying to send the tickets to AA
– After an hour it works, we have tickets on a 1:55 flight to Chicago
– Flight is delayed to 2:25
– We go through security
– We were both selected to be hand searched (not kidding)
– We then get through security and go to gate
– We try to change our tickets to sit next to each other (no luck)
– I am now waiting at the Gate, no plane yet, hoping to take off at 2:25

That is my story.

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  1. imnotadoctor

    Dang Barry I feel your pain.

    I have been in situations like that before.

    A nice strong “Bloody Mary” helps.

    Good luck!

  2. Leon Schwartz

    You know that THEY are out to get you – especially when you look like a terrorist. Seriously though, there is a (security) rational for your bags to fly with you.

    Happy landing….

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