macbookpro-temp.pngNathan Weinberg was complaining his CPU spiked to 147 degrees fahrenheit. Come on! That is not hot.

On average my CPU is at about 160 degrees. MacBook Pros are made to run hot.

If my CPUs were in your laptop, your case would melt.

Actually, I keep my laptop on a coolpad which helps it say at the coolest possible temperature. By keeping it elevated, air circulates around the machine and flows through.

How do I know how hot my Mac is?

I use a Mac Widget named iStat Pro from which shows you not just temperature, but tons of other details on:

  • CPUs (up to 8 cores)
  • memory
  • hard drives
  • IP and external IP
  • bandwidth
  • battery
  • wireless keyboard
  • mouse battery
  • uptime
  • temperatures
  • fans

To name a few. So Nathan, you keep your laptop in the freezer. I’ll blog a bit more. 😉

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  1. Court

    I need to get a cool pad for mine! I work a lot with my laptop on my legs, and it gets way hot. I need to figure something out.

  2. Nathan Weinberg

    Wow, Barry, you’ve got it far worse than me. My question is: What is your usage like? Do you take the laptop into bed, leave it lying on the sheets (which is very bad for cooling)? Do you leave it one for days at a time? I wonder if you’ve got a naturally hot laptop, or if you’re abusing yours as bad as I am.

    My laptop can run as low as 83 degrees, which is why it bothers me so much. Is 160 normal, or under abusive conditions?

  3. Barry Schwartz

    Nope, like I said, I keep my laptop on a coolpad, which keeps it as cool as possible.

    The fans are normally not on, so that means the CPU heat is at normal levels. The fans went on today when it was about 179 degrees, so I guess that is the point of too hot.

    I watch over my CPU usage, if things spike, I try to close them and restart.

    160 is normal. Abusive is like 180.

  4. Ralph

    iStat shows a normal op temp of about 60C (140F) on my MBP. Right now, I’m using Toast to encode some video for a DVD burn, and the temp has spiked up to about 80C (176F). I’ve been told by a few Apple gurus that 100C (212F) is where the MBP will get antsy.

    I keep my MBP on an elevated platform, with some silicon feet on the platform to keep it to where air can circulate under it. About six feet from the desk is a clamp-style Vornado that I turn on when I’m doing intensive work (like encoding video, which (granted) is rare). Still, if I’m normally running 60C, I can usually drop it to about 50C with the fan on.

    FWIW, when I first launch my MBP and I check iStat, I’m usually at 45C (113F).

    Back in my iMac G5 days, a temp of 80C (176F) was pretty much the norm. And I don’t even want to remember what it was like when I had a dual 2GHz G5; that thing kept this room at least 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house.

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