QuickTake for PalmIn my Google Reader vs. Bloglines mobile RSS reader comparison I took screen captures of the two services in my Treo. I tried a few screen capture utilities before selecting this one.

The one I selected is named QuickTake from Toysoft.

It was easy to install through the install conduit. It then automatically resets itself. Then when the Palm turns back on, you have to enable the software (which reminds me now to disable it). Then you can go to the screen you want to take a screen shot of and hold down the key(s) you selected to trigger the screen capture.

For some reason, it was giving me a saving picture error. I then tried to remove my SD card and reinsert it. That did the trick. Saving worked.

Then I send the images, which are stored in the pictures program via bluetooth to my Mac. I then uploaded to Flickr and presto, wrote my content around the images.

Here are the features:
– Save any screen at any resolution at anytime and at anywhere
– Save screen to JPG or BMP format on the external card
– Pictures are small when is saved. Typically around 30K for 320×320 16bit color JPG
– Support multiple external cards eg: Sony®Clie with CF and Zodiac®
– Timer capture
– Take picture at any resolution
– Assign any of the four hard keys to take picture
– Sound notification when picture is saved

Worked well on my Palm Treo 700p. It only cost $12.

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  1. dotone

    There’s another way of doing that, if you’re an SE user, you could download a hackable snapshot taker from SE Devzone. It’s UIQ enabled app that takes screenshots in 30 seconds and saves as BMP(weired).

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