No one is perfect, even-though we strive to be, or do we? Anyway, that is for another blog post. There are things that I wish I was more serious about. Well, maybe not “serious” but “devoted to” or “scheduled to” to do on a daily basis.

Here is a list that comes to the top of my head as I write this:

  • Learning Torah more often, the daily dose is great and all, but I still feel guilty about not doing much more than that.
  • Eating the right things, I am getting older and I know I should take better care of myself.
  • Playing sports harder than I do, I am lazy but I do play well.
  • Brushing my teeth better, things are OK, but I should do better.
  • Being more patient with people. I am known to do things very quickly and thus I have very little patience. Sometimes that is transparent to others.
  • Going to evening prayers (I got mornings and afternoons down, but I get tired at night).
  • Sometimes I blog too much, need to be careful with that.
  • I am sure there are other things, but they don’t come to mind right now.

Family, feel free to blast me in the comments. Friends, maybe you shouldn’t. 😉 Fellow SEOs, sure, why not.

I’ll tag people with this… Let me think… My old time buddy Shawn Hogan. I bet Kim Krause Berg would have a colorful response. Let’s tag another woman, Vanessa Fox because it has been 9 days since she updated her blog. How about ShoeMoney since he will be 100% honest with us. And we need someone from outside of the U.S., so how about DaveN, I am sure he will make us laugh.

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  1. Judah


    You are a good man.

    Also, thanks for not “tagging” me on this one..I mean that..;-)

  2. Leon Schwartz

    It’s OK to feel guilty about not learning enough Torah.
    We recently learned that when you work hard all day, and then come home to sit down to learn Torah, all the hours that you put in so that you could learn count toward that learning. But if you come home after a long day, collapse in front of the TV then you worked all day for a few wasted hours staring at the tube.

    The dose is a good start. Add a serious shiur (with chavrusa) once a week. Then build on it until it becomes more relaxing that TV.

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