disney channelSad but true. I was looking at my stats for this blog and noticed it was dominated by pornography keywords. Here they are in order of most traffic:

  • cartoon porn
  • comcast plays porn instead of cartoon on disney channel
  • porn cartoon
  • disney porn movies
  • porn cartoons
  • porn
  • cartoon porno
  • pornographic pictures
  • porn disney
  • porno cartoon
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  • disney cartoon sex
  • porno disney
  • cartoon porn

Kinda sad, but supposedly, I should be making lots of money if I rank well for these keywords. I made $17.21 with Google AdSense on this blog over the past 7 days. So I guess I need better ways to monetize it? Kidding.

Seriously, why am I ranking so well for these keywords?

Remember my post named Comcast Plays Porn Instead of Cartoon on Disney Channel which now has over a 100 comments? It was on the front page of Digg for a long time and has almost 3,000 diggs now. So because of all the comment, the recency of the post and the links pointing to the blog post (mostly because of the visibility of the post from Digg), I rank well for these keywords.

No, I won’t be monetizing them more than AdSense.

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