Yesterday, late afternoon, I was driving back from a wedding in upstate New York, on NYS Thruway (I-87 South), and there was a huge fog of black smoke in the air. As we got closer, we saw this car with flames coming out of it. We also saw small fire cars driving north (to come back around south) to the fire, we then saw later fire trucks doing the same thing (but that was after we passed the fire).

Huge Car Fire

I couldn’t find any news about the car fire this morning. From the looks of it, it appeared there was no one in the car, while it was on fire. At least, I hope no one was in the car.

My wife actually said, hey – should I take a picture for your blog. I guess my blogging is rubbing off on my wife.

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  1. fire

    it was on the news the other day
    noone was in the car and they dont know what did it and all still investigating

    ur wife is looking out for u and all
    maybe she will start blogging soon

  2. David Wallace

    I was on I-90 traveling from Lake George towards Boston on Saturday afternoon and saw a car on fire (on the other side). So yours was on Sunday? Two days in a row that cars are on fire on New York highways? Interesting.

  3. No Name

    Rejoice! One less heap of junk to ruin the environment – not the best way to get rid of cars I know, but at least nobody will try to fix it. Onwards to the junkyard!

  4. aeh

    Just wondering if anyone got caught up yesterday (8/19/07), on the Thruway, north of Amsterdam, in that traffic jam? There was a bus fire that held up traffic for at least an hour! I can’t locate any news story about it…

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