I get this strange handwritten envelope, that appears to be from the U.K. placed on my desk this afternoon. I cautiously open it up, finding it strange to be getting a handwritten letter from Europe and notice it was a letter from Glen at Viper Chill.

Instead of emailing me, he sent me a physical letter via the post.

Viper Chill's Glen Letter

How weird? A blogger sends a snail mail piece instead of email? Well, it caught my attention, enough so to blog about it. 🙂

Why did he thank me in the letter? Well, I answered a question for him on how RustyBrick got started, which he posted on his blog.

Your welcome Glen and thanks for the letter.

FYI – I believe Glen is a young one – but that is cool.

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  1. Glen

    Glad it reached you just before I go on holiday (going to vietnam for 3 weeks tomorrow).

    Glen is a young one and i was actually hesitant about letting the world know at some stages, young one but not a new one 😉


  2. writer

    thats very nice of him
    he is such a nice person glen

    GOOD JOB GLEN there are nice people out there

  3. Glen

    Thanks writer. If only you had left your URL so i can check out your site; but thanks for the kind words

    I didnt actually expect barry to blog about it nor reach him before i went away

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