I wrote about search engines crawling forums. 75% earn $25 or less with AdSense. eBay returns to Google AdWords. 25% of searches are unseen. The minus 30 penalty is reviewed. adCenter upgrade has been postponed. Gmail is outlawed in Germany, kind of. The human touch of search. Yahoo merged ad teams. Google bought GrandCentral.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Do Search Engines Read Individual Forum Posts or Threads?
  2. 75% of AdSense Publishers at DigitalPoint Earn $25 or Less Per Day
  3. eBay Google Ads Return, Google AdWords Advertisers Not Happy
  4. A Quarter of Google Searches Are Never Seen Before
  5. The “Minus 30” Penalty Revisited
  6. Microsoft adCenter Scheduled Maintenance Postponed

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. eBay Restarts AdWords Campaigns With New Outlook
  2. Germany Rules Against Google On Gmail Trademark, Gmail In Germany To Shut Down?
  3. Google’s Human Touch
  4. Yahoo Merges Search & Display Ad Teams, Karnstedt Heads Up Team
  5. Report: Google Acquires GrandCentral, Telephone Management Company

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